6 Bridal Accessories You’ll Need On Your Wedding Day


A wedding is every woman’s dream, accessories come in handy. There are a lot of pretty accessories that a bride can wear on her wedding day to add some embellishment on that elegant day.

Here are some ideas that you can learn from www.myregistry.com:

a) Wedding jewelry

A bridal essential accessory is definitely not complete without the inclusion of jewelry. When it comes to jewelry try and make certain that the metal matches your gown. Popular jewelry picks for brides include a statement necklace, bracelet, clutch, body chains, a jeweled sash just to mention a few.

b) Head-wear.

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A wedding head-wear is a must-have bridal accessory. The most popular wedding head-wear includes a tiara, bridal veil and sparkling comb and slide. Bridal veils have been used since time immemorial and it’s still used. Tiaras are perfect especially if you always fantasized about being a princess.

c) Bridal shoes

Automatically you will need to go for the most elegant, glamorous pair of shoes that you can find.

Get a comfortable pair of shoes that you can get but still stylish, you need a pair that you can dance the whole ceremony without worrying about how painful they are.

d) A flower

Flowers are not only restricted to beach or country themes. It’s almost perfect for a floral theme or maybe so as to add a dash of style with your floral dress. You can as well decide to wear one in your hair so as to add some elegance to your hairstyle. Not forgetting your bridesmaid also expect you to carry one, it’s the least you can do for them.

e) Wedding umbrella


In many cultures umbrellas are considered to bring good luck, not just to prevent rains but also for the union. They are used during the photo sessions, something about style as well as elegance. Clear umbrellas are mostly used to give weddings a modern look.

f) Wedding garter

They are most definitely a real definition of a complete bridal trousseau. Most brides customize them to match their personalities as they are mostly under their dresses or gowns. Garters are mostly flaunted on wedding photos.

For a glamorous wedding, you will need all of the six above. They are most especially perfect for an elegant event. Whether the wedding is formal, informal, vintage or a beach wedding finding perfect accessories will just make the day even fabulous.

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