How to Use Lightroom Presets to Edit Your Instagram Photos


There is no doubt that editing pictures with Lightroom make them appear incredibly beautiful. But how to go about using this program is a puzzle that most of us cannot figure out. Many of us are not familiar with Adobe software, so it becomes intimidating to comprehend how to use Lightroom.

But the good news is that with the recent update to the latest version, you don’t need to be a pro to use this software. In this article, we are going to explain how to create perfect and cohesive Instagram photographs using Lightroom.

Whether it is from your phone or computer here is how you can dramatically speed up the time it takes to modify your Instagram Photos.

Why Use Lightroom for Editing?

Have you always wondered why some people’s pictures look so clean, neat and of high quality? Well, maybe it’s because they are using this incredible software to manipulate their images. Today, you really cannot tell if a photographer is professional or amateur just by looking at the quality of the image. Why? Because the images are all of the same high quality and that is thanks to the presets.


You may be asking what the importance of editing Instagram pictures is. It may sound a bit strange, but without pictures that stand out from the crowds, you may not be able to influence masses as you should when having clear crystal photos.

Adobe Lightroom offers a great solution to all your editing needs. Not only will the picture quality improve but also it allows cloud storage to back up your images. The program can be used on both the smartphones and the computer.

How to Use These Presets on Your Smartphone

Adobe lightroom presets are like filters only that users have more control over them and can manipulate the pictures in any way they want. For a long time these “filters” were only supported by the desktop application. But recently every other device including our smartphones can support them.

Step 1

If you have the latest Lightroom CC Desktop version (1.4 or later) and Lightroom mobile Version (3.3.0 or later), sign in using your Adobe ID.

Step 2

This step involves syncing your CC desktop program with mobile app. Often your filters will come with instructions, so after they are installed in version CC on your computer, you can sync with the same version on phone application.


After that, check to ensure that the CC programmed is synced by tapping on the cloud icon on the window bar.

Step 3

Open your editing program on your phone, you will be able to see your presets and pictures that were recently added. Then, scroll through your Lightroom picture gallery and choose the picture you want to modify. Then click on the Edit button on the drop-down menu then click the Preset Menu to view your list of presets.

Step 4

Tap on the preset of your choice. Remember you can undo if you are not happy with the effect.

Step 5

Once you get the right effect, click the “✓” or the “X” to close the preset menu without saving. You can adjust the photograph set to the right fit.

Step 6

Tap on the “Export” button to save your photo.

Why have poor quality pictures on your timeline while you can use Lightroom editing program to modify your photos? With these simple steps, you can get your Instagram pictures looking beautiful, unique and eye catchy.

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