Reasons to Buy Second Hand Bags


Some people like shopping at yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets. Maybe you are wondering why an individual of sound mind would go for used items when new quality and appealing to the things of the same kind are available.

Let me take you through some few reasons why you should start considering used items whenever you go shopping. You can also visit this website for more information

Na sales tax

Old or used items are not taxed since the original buyer of the item had already paid the charge when he or she first bought the item. You, therefore, need not pay the tax a second time just because the thing is back for sale.

second hand bag

To understand the effect of the tax, take an example of a country where handbags sales tax is at 9.75 percent if one spends $500 on handbags, which translates to an extra $50 for sales tax. Now as a rational human being driven by beliefs that among the factors to consider before purchasing anything is cost, then I believe that it would only be wise to go similar bags from a second-hand shop and save that cash for other things.

Less pollution and reduced waste

Second-hand bags have very many benefits to the environment. Second-hand bags calls for recycling of used products and therefore reducing pollution to the environment.

Also, there is reduced pressure to extract the raw materials from the environment to manufacture new bags. In the long run, you realize they play a significant role in environmental preservation.

When one buys a second-hand item, usually it does not need to be added to a landfill in someplace. Looking at the issue in a more profound sense, you will realize that the more people buy second-hand items the less such items will be manufactured hence reducing the pollution which would have been caused during manufacturing.


Second-hand bags are relatively cheaper compared to new ones. There is no need of spending a lot of cash on a new item knowing very well that you can get a similar and high-quality item elsewhere.


You would rather spend that money doing other important things for yourself or your family. Instead of buying one new bag, get two or even three used bags at the same amount of money. You benefit from the economies of scale and also get a variety of bags to change for different occasions. You can even choose to purchase several to match with your outfit.

Promoting small scale businessmen

Some people buy designer cards to meet an urgent need but later sell them when other important things, and they don’t have money. Others do sell their bags when doing general cleaning in their houses.

A person who cannot afford to stock his or her shop with new bags finds it easy to get a collection of these used bags and resell them at a lower price. Buy going for these bags you promote these persons.

The takeaway

Buying second-hand items can save you a lot of money while at the same time you stand a chance of getting high quality and durable bag. However, you need to be very patient and careful so that you do not purchase something that will get worn out in a couple of weeks or months.

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