Sports Watch Buying Guide

Sports Watch Buying Guide

Whether you are in dire need of a swimming watch, a running watch or a general fitness watch, it’s important to find a perfect sports watch that will excellently fit your workout. Finding the right watch makes you look stylish but deciding on which one to purchase is always a daunting task. If you’re looking forward to buying your first sports watch and have no idea on where to start from, you have come to the right place as here is a buying guide that will ensure you get a stylish and long-lasting sports watch worth your money and efforts.

1. Figure out the need

People buy different things for different reasons and when shopping for a sports watch, you should figure out the need. In other words, you should find out the reasons you want it in the first place. This is basically important because different watches have different features for different reasons.

For example, a running watch is different from a climbing watch or a swimming watch. Therefore, when you figure out the need for the watch, you end up making the right choice.

2. Battery life

A good sports watch is distinguished by a long battery life. This is equally important to put into consideration when purchasing a sports watch and choose the best one that will go for days without requiring a recharge and this means that it will offer a unique and convenient solution for you.


It’s important to understand that a sports watch that takes calls and uses GPS may drain your battery and so you should look for a high-quality watch that will serve you excellently depending on your needs.

3. Water resistance

Even though most sports watches are water resistant, they differ significantly on how deep they can go. Whereas some watches can resist water up to 30 meters, other can resist up to 200 meters. Before spending your hard earned money on a sports watch, take note of its water resistance. For instance, you may find something like WR 3 ATM somewhere on the watch. WR stands for water resistance and ATM for atmosphere. This shows how much water pressure your watch can take before the water gets past the seals. Water resistance ratings can be broken down as follows;

  • 3 ATM/30 meters/100 feet – Great for a daily commuter and your watch will still be in a good condition even after spilling something on it or when it gets rained on
  • 5 ATM/100 meters/165 feet – Your watch will still function as intended even after accidentally getting into the shower with it
  • 10 ATM/100 meters/330feet – A perfect choice for swimmers and snorkelers
  • 20 ATM/200 meters/660 feet – Perfect for divers

4. Extra features

With technology at its best, a sports watch is incorporated with different amazing features that give you value for your money. For instance, they come with inbuilt GPS systems, heart rate monitors, chronographs, tachymeter, and even a music player. Depending on what system you’re looking to have on your wrist, buy the watch that poses the features you’re looking for.

5. Durability

When shopping for a sports watch, you must look for something durable apart from accuracy and fashionable. It goes without saying that these watches are expensive and no one would want to buy a new watch from time to time. Sports watch is designed to be worn when the person is active, so ensure they are manufactured in high ends materials.


Bottom line

Everybody likes the idea of wearing a sports watch on their wrist as it adds elegance, shows how fashionable the person is, and most importantly, it improves their class. However, there are many watches available in the market today and the worst thing could be buying blindly. And because we care so much about you, the above buying guide will ensure you buy a watch that you’ll be proud of years to come.

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