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How To Wear Your Bracelets: The Ultimate Guide


Apart from earrings and necklaces, bracelets are the most commonly worn types of jewelry. They are always versatile and easy to wear but sometime they can cause fashion mishaps that are avoidable. There are some common rules that when followed can lead to amazing combination of bracelets and other items of the outfit.

Avoid chunky bangles

Chunky bungles can be loud and distractive. They are therefore unsuitable for any important meeting, especially the official ones. If you have to wear one, make sure they are thin enough not to cause a clunking noise every time you move your hands.

female breast with string of pearls, outdoor

Thin bangles are stylish and can make good bracelets especially when you choose a neutral color like gold or silver. Such colors tend to blend well with many outfits.

Avoid combining metallic bracelets

Metals like gold work well when worn individually. Combining them with other metals can be difficult to pull off. Sticking to one metal at a time is therefore safer. If you decide to wear a silver bracelet, don’t mix it with gold. This will also make it easier to choose an outfit.

Multiple functionality is better

Unlike before when bracelets were only worn as accessories, they can now double up as other products. You can easily get bracelets that are watches or chargers. Choose these instead because they not only make you look good but also helps you complete other tasks.


The classic design of bracelets that are watches will make you stand out in a crowd while the charger bracelets will make it convenient for you to charge your phone wherever you go.

Go bold and mix them up

Mixing up different colors and sizes of bracelets can bring out a great outcome. However, overdoing it can also lead to unwanted results.

Use bracelets with slightly different designs and colors to create the perfect blend when going out with your friends. Complete the look with a plain outfit to get the perfect blend. Just make sure they are not different types of metals.

Size is important

Wearing the wrong size of bracelet is never a good idea regardless of how stunning the bracelet is. Choosing the right size will not only look great but will also make you feel comfortable. A bracelet that’s larger than your wrist will keep falling off while one that fits too tight will cause you to itch.


Either way you’ll feel discomfort the whole time. Make your comfort a priority and remember that even if you don’t buy that specific bracelet you can always get better ones.

Consider durability when purchasing

Buying a bracelet that you only wear once before its color starts to fade is not practical. Get a bracelet that you can wear multiple times with different outfits without the color changing or without it breaking down.

This is why buying from a good brand that has great bracelets is important. Bracelets like those of the native american jewelry – Pink Camel are not only elegant but also durable. They will also make you look unique.


Bracelets are easy to pair but you still have to avoid the simple mistakes people make. Wearing a large and bold bracelet with a long sleeved short for instance doesn’t make sense and should be avoided. Get creative with these jewels but don’t get carried away.